Collecting and harvesting

The main suppliers of raw materials is the population of the Carpathian region of Ukraine (Lviv region., Ivano-Frankivsk region., Transcarpathian region.). All berries are collected in the mountains in clean conditions. All products are environmentally friendly (BIO) and meets all European quality standards (ORGANIC STANDART). We immediately organize the collection, have their net gatherers (suppliers with their own collection points), which allows you to control and receive high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe raw materials – wild berries from the stage of preparation and gatherers harvesting berries in the forest. Long term and trusting relationship with the population, availability of own transport refrigeration units, organized logistics and proximity allows to deliver berries collected several hours of production. All raw materials and finished goods are required radiological, organoleptic, physical, chemical and microbiological control. At all stages of the purchase of raw materials to the shipment and delivery of finished goods to the warehouse of the buyer carried out strict quality control. Raw materials used are carefully selected, sorting and cleaning all indicators

Freezing and drying

Freezing is carried out by “freezing” (deep freeze). We use European equipment for freezing technology IQF. Powered by IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) products are fast freezing, keeping all their flavor and healthy qualities. This is the only method to preserve the taste, color, and most importantly, the structure and valuable substances (vitamins – up to 90%, trace elements – up to 100%). This is due to rapid cooling to about 40 C, in which the product does not have time to be formed large ice crystals.

Drying is performed under convective drying. Drying is carried out on modern European equipment. The fruits are berries, herbs and dried mushrooms whole or crushed. When konvektyvnoy drying temperature of the material does not exceed 50 ° C, providing 95% saving nutritional source products.
Our production is located in Ukraine near the Carpathian Mountains gathering place that gives us quick delivery and processing of lossless quality.

Cleaning and sorting PRODUCTS

Mechanical cleaning process takes place in modern production lines of the company MEGA. To sort the products we use modern equipment for laser treatment and optical sorting Sortex. It gives excellent results when sorting products by color and shape of the fruit. All equipment and production facilities are exposed to sanitary treatment and disinfection, hygiene production as one of the key principles of our company. Products packed in cartons of 10 kg or 25 kg paper up on pallets. Finished products undergo metal detector control of Cassel.


The final product is stored in modern refrigerated chambers at a constant temperature range of – 18 ° C to – 22 ° C. Product traceability system “from the forest to the customer” can identify the product at any stage of production.

Warehousing and shipment of products carried in. Lublin, Poland, with a logistics center and the city. Lviv, Ukraine.


The delivery in any part of Europe. We have our own transport (TIR 20t and 10t TIR) from refrigeration units and have the cooperation of the motor transport enterprises of Ukraine. Also provide specialized transportation services by road maintaining



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